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He was amazing, engaging, and the message came close to home…Loved it!


"Kevin was highly regarded and awe inspiring for sure… They loved the wow – the overpowering sense of adventure – very outside their comfort zone – the close was awesome – great job!"


CEO - Independent Accountants Investment Council


"I wanted to let you know that his presentation was absolutely AMAZING!!!!! I loved it and so did our staff. The feedback has been nothing but outstanding. We usually have some people whose state they weren’t impressed. That was not what happened this time! He is an amazing presenter. He kept everybody’s attention and his message is so pertinent right now. I would love to hear him every month!!! He was amazing, engaging, the message came close to home… Loved it!"


Executive Director, Windsor Essex, community health Center

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"Kevin‘s keynote was not only interesting (even scary at times) but very relevant to our sales reps. I love how we interacted with the audience, posing thought-provoking questions to include us all in his journey, and creating relatability with the processes and decisions, faced on a daily basis by our reps.


Our expectations were absolutely met and exceeded! I hope Kevin enjoyed it as much as we did."


DIRTT Environmental Solutions

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"People were super engaged -Kevin is a great storyteller. The moments we had to talk or discuss an issue in groups were just perfect, not too long and not too short, just enough to keep everyone in action."

Soprema Canada

Keynote Presentations



The Courage to Succeed.

Join Kevin Vallely on an interactive journey through the Northwest Passage. Discover courage through his experiences as an adventurer. Learn how to embrace fear, make decisions, and cultivate resilience. Reflect on personal growth, positive mindset, and calculated risks. Embark on a unique high seas adventure for self-discovery and empowerment.

Custom Timing || 30min - 120min

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Building High-Performing Teams.

Kevin shares insights in his keynote about forging robust teams in extreme conditions. Highlighting inclusivity, authenticity, trust, and alignment of actions and words, he draws from his polar expeditions to guide audience members in building enduring teams for diverse fields.

Custom Timing || 30min - 120min




Risking Failure for Success

Embark on an interactive journey across the Northwest Passage with Kevin Vallely, embracing failure as integral to success.


As an adventurer, Vallely highlights the necessity of facing uncertainty and learning from failures. This mindset, applicable beyond exploration, fosters resilience, purpose, and peak performance.

Custom Timing || 30min - 120min




Discover Your Creative Potential.

Explore the significance of creativity and innovation with Kevin Vallely. Leveraging his dual roles as an architect and explorer, his keynote challenges the misconception that creativity is confined to art. It emphasizes how innovation is vital for solving problems, refining processes, and generating ideas to enhance lives. In today's evolving landscape, creative thinking and innovation are not optional but essential for survival.

Custom Timing || 30min - 120min

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