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The word Auyuittuq is an Inuktitut word meaning

"Land that Never Melts”

We travelled to Auyuittuq National Park on Baffin Island to cross the Akshayuk Pass. This iconic route, a giants corridor across the Canadian Arctic, boasts some of the largest granite cliffs in the world. The pass weaves an unlikely route through a seemingly impenetrable land of rock and ice and spans a distance of over 100 kilometres from coast to coast.

The landscape we’re moving though is unlike anything any one of us has ever seen. Towering granite walls, among the tallest in the world, soar around us, the tombstones of giants from a mythological world. It’s the perfect environment to be tested as a team.

It takes us eight days to complete our the AIP Group expedition across the Akshayuk Pass of Baffin Island but in those eight short days something special happens. We experience something few ever do as we move through this fearsome world of majestic beauty.

We discover the strengths and weaknesses of individuals but draw closer together as a team. And by the end something is different. The Akshayuk Pass remains unaffected by our temporal tale but in its presence we’ve been changed forever.

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