I was thrilled to present my recently published book Rowing the Northwest Passage: Adventure, Fear and Awe in a Rising Sea at the Kingston Writer’s Festival on September 27/28. The Kingston Writer’s Festival is one of Canada’s foremost literary events bringing the best of contemporary writers to Kingston, Ontario to interact with audiences and other artists for mutual inspiration, education, and the exchange of ideas that literature provokes. To be invited to this event was a huge honour.


My first delivery was on Wednesday evening facilitating a writer’s Master Class Workshop titled Logging your Adventure in Writing and Word. Attendees were taken on a 90 minute journey that had them discuss the Why, What and How of adventure literature while experiencing a taste of my own adventure experiences as well. The session was closed out with participants writing a compelling paragraph about a past adventure and writing a persuasive pitch about one they would like to undertake in the future.


On Thursday morning I delivered my presentation of Rowing the Northwest Passage to a sold-out audience of over 200 people. The keynote was a call to action highlighting the profound changes happening in the Arctic. The presentation was very well received with a number of attendees congratulating me on delivering one of the best presentations they had seen.